Will Bill Hickock

This is another Colt theme engraving, this one dedicated to Wild Bill Hickock. This entry won the Howard Dove Award for best engraved Colt at the 2009 Colt Collectors Association Show in Reno, NV. It is a .45 Caliber Colt Buntline.


Walker Revolver

This is an Authentic, Colt Production, 2nd Generation, Walker Revolver. The Gun is new, has never Been Fired, and is Chambered in .45 Black Powder. Serial Number: 2790. Engraved in Original Colt Period Scroll . This Gun has Special Grade American Burl Walnut Grips installed, and a Blue with Silver Plated Grip Frame. The set is presented in a custom Made Walnut Antique Style Case by Bill Shumate. Included in the Case is a Matching Powder Flask with an Engraved Bullet Mold. Also included is the Original Eley Bro. Cap Box in the case compartment.


White & Black Knights 1911 .45 Autos


Colt SAA




The Gambler


2005 Howard Dove Winner


2006 CCA Louisville Gun


Tatonka SSA


The Coombes Heritage .45 Auto

  • This is a highly worked 1911 with all the internal and external bells and whistles of a serious target shooter! The owner was an Englishman who wanted his heritage expressed in the engraving details


Gen. Norman H. Schwartzkopf 1911 .45 Auto


The Greatest Generation Colt Model of 1911


Colt .45 with Big Bear Chief Theme



  • This Stainless Steel Ruger Vacquero was designed espcially for SASS Shooter. It was also the inital project and pattern gun for www.engravingtransfers.com. It is fully engraved, backgound punched, and detailed in the Colt Factory tradition "Class C" coverage (85%). FOR SALE $5,600.00